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Knoxville Limo for the Best Fleet in Town

Spring is nearly here and that means lots of events to brighten the season. From weddings and bachelor parties to just for the heck of it, a Knoxville limo makes all the difference in the world.

Elite Limo in Knoxville has a massive fleet of limousines that are sure to fit the bill regardless of how big or small your group is. From town cars to buses, you are sure to find something for your event from Elite Limo.

The Best Fleet in Town

One of the best things about Elite Limos is that the team is always adding new vehicles to the fleet of limos in Knoxville. If you follow the Elite Limo Blog, you will remember that new to the team is a Hummer with a dance floor and a party bus. It really doesn’t get much better or easier when you rent your limo from Elite in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

Elite Limo has also added a Tuxedo Hummer and a Lincoln 5 Door Limo, which makes the perfect exit for the bride to be.

Always Updating the Fleet

Always updating the fleet Elite Limos has a new bus that is sure to delight everyone in your group including your cranky Uncle Frank. The bus has a full onboard restroom, heating, air, and plenty of storage.

The Prevost Coach Bus also has under and overhead luggage storage, 5 flat screens monitors with both TV and DVD and onboard WIFI. The Prevost Coast Bus is the perfect vehicle to get everyone in the party to the destination safe and on time.

When it comes to limo hire, you cannot beat Elite. Call now and reserve your vehicle. If you wait too long, there may not be any left. Call and reserve your Knoxville Limo from Elite today.

A Knoxville Limo for 2021 is Waiting

It’s a new year and that means all kinds of new adventures and new experiences with a Knoxville Limo on speed dial. Elite Limo is the only place to consider for your 2021 events whether you are getting married or planning a family reunion in June. Whatever the occasion you can’t go wrong with a Knoxville Limo.

A Knoxville Limo from the Best Fleet in Town

Elite is constantly adding to its fleet of vehicles and 2020 was no different. In 2021, people will be scrambling to hitch a ride with one of the new vehicles that Elite has added to its massive fleet of Knoxville Limos.

Knoxville Limo with a Dance Floor

Get your shoes ready to party on the dance floor. New to the fleet of cars from Elite Limo is the Hummer Limo with a Dance Floor. Whatever the occasion you won’t want to leave this amazing vehicle that comes with privacy partition, a VIP booth, a complimentary bar and a mirrored star gazed ceiling are just a few of the features you’ll find in this awesome Knoxville limo only available from Elite.

Tuxedo Hummer Limo for 10

Ride to your destination in style with one of the new vehicles in the Elite Limo fleet. The decorative lighting, mirrored star gazed ceiling, complimentary bar and a 2000-watt system with 2 ½” subs is bound to keep you and your party busy. The Tuxedo Hummer also comes with a privacy partition and a split seat and bar layout.

Lincoln MKT 5th Door Limousine

One of the most popular new vehicles in the Elite Limo Fleet is the Lincoln MKT 5th door limo. With its luxury suede ceiling, complimentary bar and a 5th door this is the perfect vehicle to get the bride and her bridesmaids to the church on time.

If you have plans for 2021, reserve your vehicle with Elite Limo. It’s going to be a busy year and you don’t want to miss out. Call and reserve your limo in Knoxville today.

Rent Your Gatlinburg Limo for All Those Parties

The holidays are in full swing and if you haven’t organized your transportation around town for all of those parties, it’s time to call Elite Limousine in Knoxville. The best Knoxville and Gatlinburg limos are ready to have a good time so that you can have a better one.

From small gatherings to large work Christmas and New Years Eve parties getting to and from safely is essential.

Elite Limo always makes sure that each vehicle is inspected before it hits the road. You are in good hands when you rent a limo in Gatlinburg from Elite Limousine.

Your Gatlinburg Limo Always on Time

With a limo at your fingertips, you will never have to worry about arriving on time, unless of course you want to arrive fashionably late.

Every driver on the Elite Limousine team is licensed, insured, and most importantly, punctual. This is especially important if you are looking for a Lincoln Towncar to take you and your partner to your boss’s house for Christmas dinner.

Beautiful Gatlinburg Limo Fleet to Choose From

Unlike some limo companies in Gatlinburg and Knoxville, Elite Limousine only leases the best of the best. Always adding to its menu of vehicles, there is always something for everyone when you trust your ride with the team from Elite Limousine.

New to the Fleet

New to the Elite Limousine fleet is the Party Bus. This nightclub on wheels has enough room for you and your closet 25 friends. If that isn’t enough you’ll have a driver onboard to do the roadwork so that you don’t have to.

Also new to the Elite Limousine fleet is a Hummer Limo with a dance floor. Rent this spectacular vehicle and you won’t have to leave the comfort of this amazing limo. This beautiful car has everything you need for friends and family members including a privacy partition.

Party with Gatlinburg Limo

If you are ready to party for the holidays, call and reserve your vehicle with Elite Limousine today.

A Knoxville Limo is Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are here and that means parties galore. However, if you really want to get into the spirit of things, having a car to escort you to and from makes all of the difference in the world.

No Worries with a Knoxville Limo

Ride sharing services aren’t always on time, which could make things extremely difficult, especially if you have somewhere important to be. Not only will you have to worry about finding a designated driver, but you also have to worry about using a car service like Uber or Lyft.

The Problem with Ride Share Services

If you have ever used one of those services, you know they aren’t always prompt when it comes to pick up and drop off times. If your boss’s dinner party is held up because your Lyft driver is late, you may not be at the head of the list when it comes time for a promotion.

Elite Limo for the Best Experience

When you hire an Elite Knoxville Limo, you are in the best hands. Elite Limo, servicing the Great Smoky Mountains and beyond, has a fleet of vehicles for every occasion. From pickups and drop-offs at the airport to weddings, bachelor parties and first dates, Elite Limo has got you covered.

The Amazing Fleet from Elite Knoxville Limo

The fleet from Elite Limo in Knoxville is amazing and includes a party bus for up to 26 people, a Black SUV Hummer that carries up to 20 passengers, and the new kid on the block, the Tuxedo Hummer Limo that will transport 12 of your closest friends or colleagues.

Other rides to check out from Elite Knoxville Limo include the Lincoln MKT 5th Door Limo, the Lincoln Navigator Limo, and the Black Stretch Lincoln Towncar. Also included in the Elite Limo fleet is a White Stretch Lincoln, an Executive Towncar, a van, and a Prevost Bus for up to 54.

The holidays are here and you don’t want to miss out on your ride. Call and rent your Elite Knoxville Limo today.

A Knoxville Limo for the Colors of Fall

The Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee are beautiful year round, but they are especially pretty during the fall.

When autumn starts to show its amazing colors in East Tennessee, the red and white oak, maple, sugar, and poplar trees really come alive. The stunning array of burn umber, scarlet, brown, red, yellow, and orange leaves is a sight to behold, especially when you hire a car from Elite Limo.

A Knoxville Limo So You Can See the Sites

One of the best things about renting a Knoxville limo from Elite is that you don’t have to do the driving. It’s tough to keep your eyes on the road, especially when Mother Nature is showing off her fall beauty. Thankfully, you don’t have to when you hire a Knoxville limo.

Elite Limo for the Ride of Your Life

Elite Limo in Knoxville has a variety of cars to choose from whether you want to see the Smokies with your partner or have a larger group ready to get in on the action.

Whatever you decide to lease for the day Elite Limo will have you covered. You can even rent a SERTA Bus for 54 of your closest friends. Now wouldn’t that be the trip of a lifetime.

Ask and You Shall Receive

If you have a special place in mind, talk to a team member from Elite Limo. The Knoxville limo drivers know the area and can help you find the best place to see the beautiful fall colors in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

Have a proposal in mind? Why not pop the question with the Smokies in the background. How could your partner say no when you hire a car in Knoxville from Elite Limo.

Whatever the occasion Elite Limo has the vehicle. Call and reserve your limo from Elite in Knoxville today.

Grab a Gatlinburg Limo and Enjoy the Smokies

While it is a bit early to see the Great Smoky Mountains in all her autumn glory, you can still catch a glimpse of what is about to come if you visit in September.

During the ninth month of the year, you will start to see some color changes with just enough warmth in the air to make it feel like the end of summer. It’s also warm enough to rent a limo and watch the stars.

Rent a Car and See the Smokies at Night

Renting a Gatlinburg limo is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about driving home. Elite Limo in Knoxville has a fleet of vehicles that can tackle just about any adventure, even a midnight drive through the mountains.

Just imagine gathering your tribe for a night of wine and cheese under a cool and crisp almost fall night. Your dreams can become a reality when you hire the Black Hummer Stretch SUV.

This massive vehicle can hold 20 people and comes with everything you need, including the giant moon and sun roof to catch a firsthand glimpse at the Milky Way. Believe it or not, the Hummer SUV from Elite Limo even has a dance floor.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with a Picnic and a Limo

There is nothing better than getting up early, packing a picnic, and heading to the mountains for that last bit of summer.

Book the new Gatlinburg Party Bus, grab 25 friends and spend the day enjoying the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee without worrying about getting lost or following a map. This party bus holds 26 people and will get you where you want to go without any worries.

Book the Adventure of a Lifetime Today

Elite Limo in Knoxville is the only place to book your Gatlinburg Limo, but best hurry as one of the oldest and most established limo companies in the Smokies books out fast. Hire your Gatlinburg Limo today.

A Safe and Secure Ride with Elite Limo

If you have an event coming up, why not hire a car from Elite Limo. Your favorite limousine company in Knoxville has a fleet like no other and is the most professional of its kind in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

Why Elite Limo?

Unlike taxi and ride sharing companies, your driver will arrive exactly when you need the vehicle. There is no hour of window when it comes to Elite limo.

Your Knoxville SUV limo or Knoxville super stretch limo will never be late and will always arrive as scheduled. No need for concern when you hire a Knoxville Limo from Elite.

The Super Fleet from Elite Limo

Elite Limo has a super fleet of vehicles like no other. From a Black Hummer SUV to a Lincoln Super Stretch and even a SERTA Bus, the fleet of limos in Knoxville from Elite will never disappoint. Speaking of Buses, if you have the people, Elite Limo has the bus.

The SERTA HD Bus from Elite Limo is available for hire and is perfect for your next family reunion, church retreat, or field trip. With seating for up to 56 people, onboard WIFI, air conditioning, and heating, and an onboard restroom, you will arrive in style when you lease the SERTA HD bus from Elite Limo. Oh and don’t forget your suitcase as there is both under and over storage available.

Safety is the Priority of Elite Limo

Your safety and security is the mission of Elite Limo especially during the pandemic. All vehicles are cleaned and sanitized according to recent protocols. You can be assured of a safe ride when you hire a Knoxville Limo from Elite.

So what are you waiting for? Get out of the house and enjoy a ride with Elite Limo. You’ll be glad you did and so will the rest of your guests. Hire your limo from Elite today.

A Knoxville Limo Just in Time

Elite Limo is ready to take you wherever you want to go. Whether you are planning to surprise your partner for your anniversary or book a limo in Knoxville for your wedding party, you won’t be disappointed. Elite Limo is the only name to consider when you lease a limousine in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

Professionalism and More with Elite Limo

When you hire a vehicle from Elite Limo your car and driver will arrive ready for your special event. You can hire a small Town Car for your important business guest or book a Black Hummer SUV for 20 of your closest friends. It doesn’t matter what your destination is, you will always be happy with a Knoxville limo from Elite Limousine.

A Fleet Like No Other

The fleet from Elite Limo in Knoxville is like no other in the area. From super stretch Lincoln Continentals, a 15-person van for your bowling team or a massive Serta HDH Bus that will play host to 56 people, you are always looked after when you hire a vehicle from Elite Limo.

The Lincoln Navigator Stretch is a beautiful vehicle that can seat up to 14 people including all of the luxuries you would expect from a Knoxville Limo. Best of all, you will have the time and the ride of your life.

Jump on the Bus the Serta Bus

The Serta Bus is an amazing vehicle that is perfect for family reunions, weddings, road trips, and church events. With all of the comforts of home, everyone will enjoy the ride with the 56 person Serta HDH Bus.

Knoxville Limo an All Purpose Limousine Company

Whether you need a one-way transfer, a point-to-point Knoxville Limo or Town Car service, you will never have a care in the world with Elite Limo. Call and reserve your Knoxville Limo with Elite today.

Knoxville Limo Ready to Take You for a Ride

Knoxville Limo is ready to get you out of the house with unbeatable prices on limousine rental in East Tennessee. From luxury Hummer SUV’s, to sleek and streamlined super stretch limos you can’t go wrong when you hire a vehicle with Elite Limo in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

Get Out and Enjoy the Town

Life has certainly been different lately, but things are about to loosen up and that means it’s time to get out and enjoy Knoxville and the surrounding areas. From Tuesday May 5, you will be able to get out and see the sights with the help of Knoxville Limo. Call and reserve your Black Hummer SUV for a night or day out on the town.

The Black Hummer SUV is a sight to behold and can sit up to 20 of your closest friends. You will be the star of your own show when you organize a party in May with a Knoxville Limo from Elite Limo.

More Bang for Your Buck

With glowing reviews, you can bet that you will have the time of your life when you hire a car and driver from Elite Limo. Best of all, a limo from Elite is more affordable than you think and much safer than one of those ride sharing companies or even a taxi.

The customer service from Elite Limo is good and old fashioned at its best. Every driver who works for the company is licensed and insured giving you the peace of mind you need. After all, you want to enjoy yourself, not worry about how you are going to get there and if you are going to get there safely and on time.

Call and Reserve Your Knoxville Limo today.

If you are interested in learning more about Elite Limo, call and talk to a team member today.

Elite Knoxville Limo Book Yours Today

Elite Limo is the only place to consider for the ride of your life. Whether you are planning a wedding in the fall, need to plan a bachelor party, or are in the stages of figuring out what you are going to do for your 50th birthday, a Knoxville Limo is the only way to go.

Knoxville Limo for Every Event

Whatever the event, Elite Limo in Knoxville has the vehicle you need. Even large parties of 50 or more are accommodated for with the amazing SERTA HD Bus.

This fabulous vehicle has its own onboard restroom, Wi-Fi, television screens, air conditioning, and heating. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about storage as the 54 passenger SERTA HD Bus in Knoxville has plenty of it.

Reserve Your Space

Elite Limo in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee is always booked out. If you are planning an event in September or October, you had better book your vehicle now as the Black Hummer SUV Limo, the Lincoln Navigator Limo and the rest of the fleet are usually booked out by the middle of the summer.

From weddings to bachelor parties and just for the heck of it get togethers; you can’t go past the fleet of cars from Elite Limo in Knoxville.

Customer Service You Can Trust

Uber and Lyft have been getting their fair share of bad press lately. Frankly, you never know who will drive you to your destination if you are calling a ride service company.

Every driver from Elite Limo has gone through strict background checks, is licensed, and insured. You will never have to worry when you book a limo in Knoxville with Elite Limo.

For the best prices and service, you won’t do better than Elite Limo in Knoxville. Call and reserve your limousine from Elite Limo today.

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