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Knoxville Limo for the Time of Your Life

If you are considering a Knoxville Limo for whatever reason, look no further than Elite Limo in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. Whether you are planning a big night out on the town with the girls, or mapping out a pub crawl with your best man for your bachelor party, you can’t go wrong with a Knoxville Limo from Elite Limo.

Knoxville Limo for the Best Selection

Unlike some limo company’s in Knoxville, Elite Limo has a fleet of vehicles like no other. From towncars that drop you to and from the airport to luxury limos and a SERTA Bus, Elite Limo has certainly got you covered.

One of the most popular vehicles in the fleet of cars from your local Knoxville Limo company is the Black SUV Hummer. This amazing vehicle is equipped to transport 20 people to and from the football field or the local bar. If you have a special night planned for your gang, why not hire the Black SUV Hummer from Elite Limo.

A Knoxville Limo You Can Count On

Some limo companies in Knoxville could care less about how the fleet looks. Some limo companies in Gatlinburg care more about the bottom line than the do about cleanliness and safety. Elite Limo are professionals. When your limo arrives it will be clean and stocked up. Your driver will be polite, dressed, and ready to go.

Unlike those Uber drivers, a driver from Elite Limo will never listen in on your conversations. Uber and Lyft may be convenient, but just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get when it comes to the car or the driver.

Call and Reserve your Knoxville Limo Today.

Fall is nearly here and that means it’s party time. Call and reserve your Knoxville Limo from Elite Limo today.

Gatlinburg Limo for your Smoky Mountain Wedding

Elite Limo Knoxville is the only company to consider for a Gatlinburg Limo, especially if you are planning a destination wedding in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. Save this blog now, because you won’t want to miss the perfect ride for the most important day of your life.

Why Elite Limo for a Smoky Mountain Wedding?

Because Elite Limo has a beautiful selection of vehicles in its fleet, you won’t have to look anywhere else for a Gatlinburg Limo. From the massive Black SUV Hummer Limo, which is perfect for the bachelor party, to the Lincoln Navigator, a must for the rehearsal dinner, you can’t go wrong with the best limo company in Gatlinburg.

The white stretch Lincoln from Elite Gatlinburg Limo is perfect for the bridal party. Once you arrive, you can opt for a smaller luxury limo or keep the car to transport you to the reception and beyond. Because Elite Limo is so affordable, you may want to hire both to take you to and from the ceremony.

Gatlinburg Limo for Transporting Guests

If your destination wedding is located a few miles from the where everyone is staying, make it easy on your guests, and book the 56 passenger SERTA Bus from the best Gatlinburg Limo Company in East Tennessee.

Everyone will be comfortable after a long day when you hire the Serta HDH coach Bus from Elite Gatlinburg Limo. The bus will arrive with a professional driver and has a full restroom onboard and plenty of under and overhead storage. With five flat screen monitors, a television and DVD player it’s the only ride to consider after your destination wedding in Gatlinburg.

A Gatlinburg Limo Company You Can Trust

The last thing you want on your wedding day is a late limo in Gatlinburg. Elite Limo will arrive on time ready to go with a clean and professional driver and of course a clean limousine.

Call and reserve your fleet of limos from Elite Gatlinburg Limo today.

A Knoxville Limo Beats Beats Uber or Lyft Anytime

Summer is here and that means lots of great parties and events. Of course, if you are attending, a designated driver is always a must, but then again, why not hire a limo in Knoxville for the day or night? Instead of relying on Uber or Lyft, which has been in the news lately and not because of a good thing, call Elite for a Knoxville Limo.

Safety First with a Knoxville Limo

Elite Limo prides itself on hiring the best drivers with clean records. Every driver goes through a stringent application process before driving for Elite Limo in Knoxville. You won’t have to worry about a less than professional limo driver in Knoxville. Unfortunately, all too often fatal limo accidents are featured on the news with driver error being the cause.

Your Knoxville Limo is Clean and Ready to Go

Cleanliness is, after all, next to Godliness, or so the saying goes. Every limo, van, or bus arrives on time and in beautiful condition. Your driver is dressed and ready to go, and your limo is sparkling and ready for your big event.

Every vehicle in the Elite Limo fleet is continually serviced and maintained. If the vehicle in the fleet needs to go out to pasture, a new member of the team will fill its place. You will never ride in an old limo with Elite Limo in Knoxville.

Knoxville Limo for the Ultimate Party

Because every limo has its own special features, you can choose the vehicle that best suits your needs. For example, a bachelor party would be well suited to the 20 seater Black Hummer SUV Limo, while a wedding party may prefer the White Lincoln Stretch Limo in Knoxville.

If you are unsure about what limo would be best for your needs, call Elite Limo in Knoxville.

Every team member from Elite Limo is equipped to handle your request and will reserve the best car, SUV, van or bus for your special event.

Call for a Knoxville Limo today.

Knoxville Limo for the Perfect Wedding Day

Elite Limo is the only place to consider for a Knoxville Limo if you are planning your wedding. With a Knoxville Limo from Elite Limos, you will have access to a fleet of vehicles for the entire wedding party and your parents.

Knoxville Limo Wedding Cars

Getting married is one of the most important occasions in anyone’s life, and if you are like most engaged couples, you want it to be perfect. Elite Limo has an amazing selection of limos and vehicles that are perfect for you and your partner and the rest of the wedding party.

Knoxville Limo for Everyone

If you are planning a casual wedding with a few guests in the country, consider hiring the 56-passenger bus from Elite Limo. With a restroom onboard, under and overhead storage, Wi-Fi, DVD’s, a PA system and air conditioning, everyone will be comfortable on the way to and from the wedding in the country.

The Perfect Wedding Needs a Knoxville Limo

If you are having a formal wedding, it is important to arrive in style. Hire a white stretch Lincoln for the girls. With seating for up to ten people, a wet and dry bar and Wi-Fi, the bridal party will be on point when they arrive at the chapel.

A Knoxville Limo for the Two of You

The Black Stretch Lincoln Towncar from Elite Limos can seat up to eight people, but honestly, you don’t need anyone else in the car after you have said, “I do.” With fiber optic lighting, leather seating, two lighted champagne wells, Wi-Fi, a complimentary bar and flat screen television with a CD player, your ride to the reception, and the hotel room afterwards will be perfect.

Make your wedding day perfect with a Knoxville Limo. Call or click and reserve your car for the most important moment in your life. Call and reserve your car today.

Every Occasion Should Include a Knoxville Limo

If you need a Knoxville Limo, call Elite Limo. Elite Limo has vehicles for all occasions. From prom season to the winter formal, weddings, bachelor parties and even family reunions, Elite Limo has the Knoxville Limo that will get you there and back.

A Knoxville Limo Company You Can Trust

These days it’s tough to trust online reviews for a Knoxville Limo company. Even Yelp has been accused of allowing people to post fake reviews. Although Yelp is doing something to stop the situation from happening, it still goes on.

Elite Limo has been providing Knoxville Limos for a decade with satisfied customers all over the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. Those happy clients use Elite Limo every time they need to get somewhere, even to the airport. Unlike Lyft and Uber, you don’t have to worry about arriving on time in a less than stellar vehicle.

The Knoxville Limo Fleet

From a stretch SUV Hummer, a super stretch Lincoln Continental, Towncars, and even a van, Elite Limo will never let you down. If you have a party to go to, you can even rent a Lincoln Navigator.

The Lincoln Navigator is a great choice for a night on the town in a Knoxville Limo. It can seat up to 14 people, has Wi-Fi and a wet and dry bar. This beautiful car is more affordable than you think and available from Elite Limo.

Travelling in Style with Knoxville Limo

If you have a family reunion coming up or are organizing a senior’s trip to the Smokies, talk to Elite Limo. More than just a Knoxville Limo company, Elite also has a SERTA 56-passenger bus that will take you wherever you want to go. With an onboard restroom, heating, air, plenty of storage, TVs and Wi-Fi you’ll have all of the comforts of home on the way to and from your destination.

If you would like to hire a Knoxville Limo, call and reserve your vehicle with Elite Limo today.

Knoxville Limo will Impress Everyone in your Party

It’s prom season and that means impressing your date and your friends with the ride of your dreams. Just imagine picking up your friends in a beautiful Knoxville Limo from Elite Limos. You will love being the center of attention on what you hope will become one of the greatest memories of your life.

The Sky’s The Limit with Knoxville Limo

From small groups of prom goers to large party revelers, the car of your dreams is waiting at Elite Limo.

If you have a group of 20 that you want to enjoy prom with, book your reservation for the Black Hummer SUV Limo. This beautiful ride is equipped with large screen TV’s and DVDs, Wi-Fi, a mirrored star ceiling and even a privacy partition. With a 5000-watt system and a VIP Booth area, you can’t go wrong with the Black SUV Hummer Limo from Elite Limo.

A More Intimate Night with Knoxville Limo

If prom means romance to you and your date reserve your limo with Elite. Your significant other for prom night will feel like a princess in the White Stretch Lincoln Limousine. While the limo can seat up to 10 people it’s more romantic with just the two of you. You’ll be riding in style thanks to Elite Limo.

The Best Customer Service from Knoxville Limo

Unlike other limo companies in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, Knoxville Limo will arrive on time ready to take you and your party to your chosen destination. Your driver will be dressed, polite, and professional. You won’t have to worry about being late or arriving in a less than impressive limo.

Don’t wait. Elite Limo is booking up. Call and reserve your limousine for prom night today. After all, you don’t want to miss out and have to call a taxi do you?

Call and reserve your car today.

Knoxville Limo for That Special Event

Now that Mother Nature has decided to play nice it’s time to plan that big party for your month of birthdays. Think how surprised your group will be when you roll up in a Black Hummer Limo from Knoxville Limo for 19 for you and your day of birth buddies.

Elite Limo has a vehicle for every occasion including your mum and dad’s visit from the homeland. Wouldn’t your parents love being picked up by a Knoxville Limo at the airport to greet their offspring?

Knoxville Limo for Your Month of Birthdays

Showing up in Uber or Lyft is impossible unless you hire several cars for your birthday month celebration. With Knoxville Limo, you can ride with your birthday besties arriving at your destination at the same time.

You can bet there will not be a complimentary bar. Your driver will not be privy to anything that you and your friends have to say thanks to the privacy partition. Ride in style, enjoy the decorative lighting with a DVD system and four LCD TVs, and don’t forget to enjoy the luxurious ride in the luxury Hummer SUV from Knoxville Limo.

Surprise Your Mom and the Family

If your parents are arriving from overseas and you want to impress them and show them how successful your move has been, even if they were against it, call Knoxville Limo.

You can hire a Towncar for four, with room for your new girlfriend, or the Black Lincoln Stretch Towncar if you want to show off, but not too much.

The Lincoln Stretch Towncar comes complete with three lighted coolers, a privacy screen, luxurious leather seating a flat screen with a DVD and a complimentary bar, your mom and dad will think you have arrived.

Whether you are picking up your folks at the airport or surprising your birthday month buddies with a lift to the nights festivities, Elite Limo can help you get there. Call and reserve your Knoxville Limo with Elite Limo today.

Get a Knoxville Limo for Valentine’s Day

Knoxville Limo is the only call to make if you want to surprise your Valentine. Call Elite Limo and book your ride today, especially if you want to show your significant other all that you have to offer.

Why Knoxville Limo?

Booking a Knoxville Limo from Elite Limos in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee is fast and convenient. You and your love will not have to wait for a cab or a driving service, such as Uber or Lyft, to pick you up.

The time you schedule is the time your professional driver will arrive in the car of your choice. There is nothing worse than arriving late for a dinner reservation that you booked months in advance.

The Knoxville Limo Fleet

Every vehicle from Elite Limos is ready when you are whether you opt for the Black Hummer SUV for 20 of your friends without partners on Valentine’s Day, or schedule a pickup in the Black Stretch Lincoln Towncar. You and your Valentine will have plenty of room to stretch out in this 8-passenger Knoxville Limo from Elite Limos. Who knows what you will get up to when you close the privacy screen.

If everyone you know is without a partner this Valentine’s Day, ask Elite Limo about the Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limo. With seating up to 14 people, a wet and dry bar and Wi-Fi your group of friends without Valentine’s partners will have the time of their lives.

Think of the Money You’ll Save with Knoxville Limos

When you hire a vehicle from Elite Limos, you are saving money. What you are quoted is the price you will pay. Those driving services sometimes come with hidden charges. That will never happen when you hire a car from Elite Limos in Knoxville.

Trust Elite Limo for Valentine’s and beyond. Your vehicle is waiting and so is your Valentine. Call and book your Knoxville Limo today.

Knoxville Limo in the New Year and Beyond

The holidays may be officially over tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need a Knoxville Limo in 2019. New Years Day does not mean the end of limo rental in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

Elite Limo for the Best Knoxville Limo

When you hire a vehicle and a driver from Knoxville Limo, you can expect the best of the best. From Gatlinburg to Sevierville, Oak Ridge and more, Elite Limo is ready to take you where you want to go in a clean vehicle with a professional driver at the helm.

Hiring a Knoxville Limo in the Great Smoky Mountains is easy. Just let Elite Limo know the date, or dates, that you want to travel and what type of vehicle you want to lease. It really is that simple to hire a Knoxville Limo from Elite.

The Knoxville Limo Fleet

Unlike some limo companies in Knoxville, Elite offers clients several vehicles to take the from point A to point B. From Towncars to vans and buses, the only Knoxville Limo company to consider is ready to take you where you want to go.

Whatever your needs, Elite Limo is here to fulfill them. If you are the best man and looking for a great ride for the groom and the rest of the crew, you will not do better than a Knoxville Limo from Elite. Book a Black Hummer or opt for a Super Stretch Lincoln. If the groom is a popular guy, rent the SERTA bus. With room for 52 passengers plus the driver, you and the boys may never want to come home.

The Best in Travel from Knoxville Limo

When it comes to limousine travel, you cannot do better than Elite can for Knoxville Limos. Call and click for more information regarding your next rental or book your ride today. It is safe and secure when you book your travel through the Elite Limo website.

Call or enquire today.

Knoxville Limo for Holiday Parties and More

Knoxville Limo is the only company to consider for car hire during the holidays. If Uber and Lyft have continually let you down, it’s time to call Elite Limo.

Why Use Elite Knoxville Limo?

Elite Limo is bonded, licensed, and insured. When you hire a limo, luxury SUV, van, or bus, you know you are getting a vehicle that is road worthy. You and your guests will be safe when you hire a Knoxville Limo from Elite in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

What Vehicles are Available from Knoxville Limo?

Elite has a fleet of Limo’s for hire whether you need a ride to the airport, or what to book a Hummer SUV limo for your company Christmas party. The fleet of cars available in Knoxville includes:

  • Black Hummer SUV Limo for 20 Passengers
  • White Lincoln Navigator Limo Seats 14
  • Black Lincoln Stretch Towncar for eight People
  • White Lincoln Stretch Limo Seats 10 Passengers
  • Executive Towncar Holds four People
  • Executive Chrysler CC for 4 People
  • 15-Seater Passenger Van
  • Serta HD Coach Bus 52 Person Capacity

Knoxville Limo is Ready and Waiting

Every vehicle that you rent from Elite Knoxville Limo comes with a driver ready to take you where you want to go. Your driver will show up to your location in a clean vehicle. Your Knoxville Limo driver will also be dressed and ready to go to work. You won’t have to wait for your ride when you hire a limo from Elite in Knoxville.

Professional and Courteous from the Beginning

When you hire a vehicle from Knoxville Limo, you can be assured that your car will arrive spotless. You won’t find any nasty surprises when you lease a car from Elite Limo in Knoxville. Most people who have rented limos have a few stories to tell about cars that were less than clean or downright filthy.

For holiday parties, trips to the airport or just a night on the town call Elite Limo. Your Knoxville Limo is waiting; all you have to do is make the call.

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